Thursday, March 6, 2008

Loving the Peace and Quiet

We are great lovers of books. We have shelves full of books, but that is not enough for us, so I make a regular trip to stock up at our favorite place - the public library. They even have laundry baskets you can check out so I filled one to overflowing. It was so heavy I needed help moving it to the checkout desk and used a wheeled cart to get it to our van. I am used to all the questions as I wait for them to scan all my books. They no longer come from the librarians of course as I am such a regular. An older gentleman wondered how many children I had and teased, "What is that about two weeks worth?" It was amazing that he guessed right his very first try. This is one resource we will definitely miss when we are in the Philippines. Which books do you make room for and which get left behind? If this is what we read in two weeks, what about for two years?

A dilemma for another day, for now I am enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with a load of library books...(These shots were not staged in any way. They were all actually quietly reading at the same time in different spots of the house.)

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