Sunday, March 9, 2008

Polaroid Panic

Last night the girls' cousin, Jordan, spent the night. They all had a great time and even slept. This morning Adriana, Alexie, and Jordan went to a babysitting class. When Lisa, Alayna, and Annalise picked them up, Lisa took them on a scavenger hunt around town. Remembering the "Polaroid Panic" activity we did in youth group, she made clues that took them to various places where they needed to have their picture taken. As you can see, one stop was at McDonald's.

One clue said they had to have a picture taken with a clown. It just so happened, that there was an event in town with a couple clowns that were very familiar.

Mom had a commitment to be a clown for the day. This morning Lisa suggested that I show up and surprise her. (I grew up with a mom that was a clown, so it just seemed right that they should have a clown for a parent, too. When I was in high school Mom would take a group of us clowning at a couple local hospitals each week, that's how I learned to do the balloons and juggling that came in handy so often while in the Philippines.) It was fun to surprise both her and the girls when they showed up during their game.

They got some balloons and a picture (I just liked this picture better) before continuing on their journey.

Their last stop for the "Panic" was at the library where they were having a class on sculpting birds. Adriana is holding what will become a beautiful robin.

After all of that, we went to Grandma's house for more cousin play time and dinner. What a blessing it is to have family so near!




  1. We want to know who "juggles" the best? Thanks for the help at the DNA Event sponsored by Tyler's and America's Most Wanted. We make a great team in 1988 and in 2008.


  2. I've been out of town for a few days and am just catching up! Praise God for the your "new home"! Looks nice and clean :) I absolutely love the picture of the two clowns. Brings back some memories!