Saturday, March 1, 2008

Does He Glow?

I never said it wouldn't happen and I am so glad I didn't, because I have eaten my words before and they generally don't taste too good. Monday I report, to the nuclear plant I worked at for so many years, as a contractor to support the refueling outage. The work should last about a month. When I resigned my position last June, I put all of my training records, awards, certificates, text books, etc. in a box. I had hoped that it would be a box that got put into storage and forgotten about for a long time. But at the same time, I did not throw it away because I knew that my past career as a radiation protection technician could provide resources from time to time if the opportunity arose. Well, opportunity knocked. (The knocking sounded very familiar to the knocking I heard coming out of high school with no resources to go to college and a co-op scholarship was offered by the plant; kind of a knock-knock ka-ching sound. It really catches your attention.)

While I would much rather be boarding a plane to Manila, they don't offer those flights for free. This opportunity is a blessing because it will help pay for our trip across the expanse of the Pacific. Looking back I can see how God used the opportunity He put before me coming out of high school to prepare me for service. Now He is using that same venue to help send me into the service to which He has called me.

I look forward to seeing my friends with whom I worked for so many years. I am eager to share with them what I have seen God do over the past year.

I am adding the outage to our prayer list because it is always a challenging time for our family. The hours are long. It is tiring. I have also become very accustomed to being with my family for throughout the day. (This past year has held many unexpected blessings.)


p.s. The picture is of nuclear fuel assemblies being removed from the reactor. Yes, the fuel glows. No, people do not.

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