Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Being Real

On Monday night, while at the homeschool group meeting someone shared "A Day in the Life..." We talked about the struggle to share honestly. Do you share what a real day is like or what you want your day to look like? In other places this issue has been brought to my attention. Most of us spend our lives hiding behind masks. We want to keep up the facade that all is well. Yet all is not well. People are hurting but for the most part they are hurting in silence. I can't help but think if we were not worried about being judged we could take off our masks. If I could trust I would be met with love, I could let you see the real me. If you would be open with me, I would know you struggle too. Together we would be stronger. The enemy knows this so he does his best to convince us the only safe place is behind the masks. So there we remain. I can hear God calling, "Come out, come out, where ever you are!"

This is something I have struggled with regarding this blog. How much will I reveal? When life gets really hard will I remain silent? Truly our life has a great deal more than amazing photographs and cute things our children say. But what would you think if you really knew "A Day in the Life...?" Like say yesterday...



  1. I understand your reluctance to 'put it all out there.' There are always people who will be critical and cast judgement. But just imagine the freedom people will experience if they discover that you share many of the same struggles as them! God calls us to authentic relationship, not just surface stuff. Our mutual friend, Louise, taught me the freedom to be found in being real... Bless you in your journey.

    P.S. You can always start now by sharing about yesterday. ;)

  2. My life is not a sitcom, as in all issues don't make you laugh and are not resolved in less than 30 minutes. There is a reason "Parenting Isn't for Cowards". Our girls are dealing with many stresses...lots of changes in the last year with the biggest in the near future when we move far away from family and friends and the culture they've known all their life. Then there's school and we are both parents and teachers, which is not easy. In the midst of all this our older girls are in that challenging tween and early teen stage, trying to figure out their roles. All of these stresses result in some not so pretty moments. Not a lot of votes for Miss Congeniality. Of course, we are facing some stresses too. All that needs to be done to move a family of 6 halfway across the world is quite overwhelming. Sometimes you just want to stomp your feet and scream right along with your children! This is not to say everything in our life is difficult. We try to focus on the abundant blessings in our lives.

  3. Personally, I have found a freedom in honesty. There have been many times when I would post and then feel a pit in my stomach, bracing for the worst, but ultimately people understand and I have been amazed by the power God uses in transparency.

  4. I'm with Louise! Figuratively :o) I just finished "From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya" by Ruth Tucker. It chronicles the march of missions over the past 20 centuries. The bottom line is that God used ordinary people to do extrordinary things for His kingdom.
    You're not the first and you won't be the last to take children on "the mission."

    Find His peace, and it will be easier to pass it on.

    I love you Lisa, Tom, Adrianna, Alexie, Alayna and Annalise.

    Let it all hang out!

  5. Lisa was reading from another blog that I think describes my feelings quite well on the subject of what to express in this format: "I think there is value in relating your troubles to your friends. It is right and proper, as they say, to seek the wisdom and guidance of your peers. But I think discussing your challenges and seeking encouragement and insight is different from publishing an entire book of what's wrong with modern mommy-dom with little discussion of the more important big picture."

    In other words, there is much that can be talked about. I choose to share my deepest frustrations with those who really know me. That way they can call me to account when my problems are my fault or if I am sending out invitations to a pitty-party. But at the same time they know where I am coming from and can understand what is really going on.

    God has been good to us. I want share the joys of His blessing with all who care to hear. Sure, life has its issues, but He is greater and His blessings deserve my attention.