Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dear Noah

Today Annalise asked if she could send an email to her friend, Noah. I agreed and sat and typed as she spoke. I tried to type exactly what she said without prompting or correcting. What resulted was a summary of her perspective on our transition.

I hope someday she and Noah will be able to forgive me for this intrusion on their privacy.

Dear Noah,

The Bible is great to us. God is always with me.

When we will go to the Philippines I will see people I made friends with already. I will make some more friends in the Philippines.

There is red ants that bite in the Philippines.

I will be there for 2 years. When the 2 years are over, I will be 7. When I come back I will see you at church.

There are a little bit of dogs there.

At lots of the orphanages, some of the children cried when we left.

In the Philippines, I might see a big palm tree. There are palm trees with coconuts in them and they climb up the coconut trees to get the coconuts down.

There is beaches that have trash in them.

There is trikes. Trikes is where there is a motorcycle or a bike with a tiny thing that you sit in and they drive you where you go.

I will see you at church.

I love you,


  1. How precious! I love kids words straight from the source.

    Just wanted to let you know I'm still here. I check in daily and you all remain in my prayers.


  2. Holly,

    When I was looking at your pictures of Maya the other day, I was thinking about how long it has been since we have seen you guys. It is good to here from you. Give Maya a hug from all of us.