Sunday, February 24, 2008

All Things Work Together For Good

A few weeks ago Adriana broke her glasses. Of course had she been sitting doing her schoolwork as she was supposed to...So I called the place we got them from and found out they were under warranty for just a couple weeks more. We knew she needed a new prescription and had already scheduled an exam with our regular optometrist. Just pay the copay $24 for frames, $15 for the lens. Call back and it seems her frames were discontinued and we need to come pick out new ones. Adriana got to chose the frames she wanted and in the end we got the complete pair of glasses for $16.85. Nice.

Some of you will remember we asked prayer because we wanted to rent a floor of a building in Bontoc. Even after negotiations with the owner, the rent remained too high for us. A week ago we were told an American couple was renting the place and are planning to conduct church meetings in the top floor. Obviously God had a plan for what He wanted there. We are excited to see more believers reaching out to the Philippines and look forward to talking to them. Before we were not aware of any other Americans in the area. We are still trusting that God has just the right place for our family in Bontoc. He just hasn't told us yet...

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