Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Funday!

After church yesterday, Annalise was invited to spend the day with her friend, Noah. Noah and his family faithfully sent cards and emails while we were away last year. She had been eagerly anticipating this event all week. The day had finally arrived! She really enjoyed her time with him.

While she was enjoying her time with Noah, the rest of us headed of for another type of adventure, cross-country skiing. There is a state hunting area nearby that we took advantage of for a trip through the woods and fields.

Alayna testing out the cushioning of the snow and snow pants.

Aleixe and I enjoying the trails.

Adriana and Alexie after crossing the "big field".

It was our first time as a family making it this far. We have had ski boots fall apart, children fall apart, and winds howl as we have tried to make it across this field in the past. We were all glad to have made it to the woods this time.

My little snow bunnies!

It is no wonder the deer love this place! Food is left on the table all winter.

When we got back to the van, someone had to load the skis back onto the roof - and someone didn't.

It was a fun afternoon. We were all ready to just settle in and watch the Superbowl. Of course we are such poor sports fans that until it was talked about at church in the morning, we were not even sure who was playing. But hey, even we will try to watch the Superbowl - unless something more interesting is going on.



  1. Sounds like skiing was a wonderful time. I always enjoyed CC skiing with my brother when we were younger. Glad you guys had a chance to really enjoy the snow before you end up in warmer places for awhile.


  2. I know I'm a little late, but I've been waiting for RECIPES???

  3. Yes, we only got a few suggestions on what to cook but no actual recipes. We would love to get more comments to our blog so we know who is reading this. Communication is always better when it is not just one-sided!