Monday, March 3, 2008

Name That Blog

The girls are very excited about having their very own blog. There is just one small problem...choosing a name they all like. We asked for you to suggest a name for them but so far have only got 2 suggestions. We know you are a creative bunch, so please, after all, how can you resist the pleas of help from such adorable girls...

Looking forward to hearing all the great ideas.


  1. The A-Team. (teehee, couldn't resist)

  2. You asked on our blog where our conference was held. :) It was at Caliraya ReCreation center - should be able to google it to find their website. It is a great place for sure, located in Laguna province a couple hours SE of Manila. When you guys planning to move over to this side of the world?

  3. We intend to be on our way at the beginning of June. But we will be heading north, to Baguio and Bontoc. But if you plan to be in Manila around June 1st, maybe we could connect.

  4. on the name...I can't say that I know your girls well enough to know their interests but since your's in garden of grace how about some flower they like...maybe the four poppies, or the four morning glories etc...
    p.s. on the field trip you commented on my blog, Debbie put it together, I only found out about it two days before...seems like the last few field trips have been that way, kind of last minute... sorry

  5. Apat Princessa....That's google's best translation for 4 Princesses in filipino. Hopefully there's not some cultural stigma attached to a princess in the philippines. I was kinda thinking Cinderella.