Monday, November 16, 2009

Maligcong Christian Fellowship

The activities of the past week have been many and the opportunities for updating the blog when the energy exists to do so have been few.

On the 8th, we took the YWAM Baguio DTS team to Maligcong Christian Fellowship. (Our family was there not too long ago.) Several members of the team held an active Sunday School for the children before the worship service began. It was fun to see all of the smiles and hear the giggles of the kids.

After a few games and songs, the team told the story of Joseph and talked with the children about God's faithfulness. They met in the coziness of a jeepney waiting shelter.

During the service, several of the team members shared personal testimonies of what God has done in their lives. They also performed a couple of interpretive dances before VJ preached about being connected to Jesus, the vine.

Afterwards, we shared a meal and enjoyed a time of fellowship with the people of Maligcong. That is what this trip was really about. It is nice that the team could give those who serve at the church a break from their responsibilities, but better than that is the opportunity to encourage one another. Coming to the village, we were able to meet with the believers there, share stories, make new friends, and worship God along with people of other backgrounds.
I never figured out the fascination with this stack of tires. But I did enjoy watching the boys climb on, around, and through them.

Lisa talking with some of the other moms.

An example of the arm tattoos that are common among the older Igorot ladies.

It seems whenever we visit one of the villages, there is always one of the older ladies who adopts Annalise. They love to hold her on their lap. Annalise is very patient and will often sit with her adoptive Lola even when she would rather run and play with the other kids.

Later, we went for a hike through the famous terraces to Maligcong Proper (the primary sitio of the village). It is a strenuous 45 minute hike with breathtaking views of the incredible terraced mountainsides.

In Maligcong, like most of the villages in the region, there is a high place. At the high place animal sacrifices are still made to seek the favor of the spirits for health and harvest. We took the opportunity to pray for freedom from the spiritual bondage of the pagan beliefs of so many here.

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  1. Tom, Lisa and family,
    I feel we are losing touch because we are having issues with our computer. So between the busyness of adjustment, homeschooling and computer frustrations we aren't able to follow along with you and your blog, but your family is continually in our thoughts and we pray for you knowing God knows what you need even though we don't. May God continue to bless you as He works through you family. Love In Christ Michelle P aka Mugsey