Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mission: Anabel, November 11

Loading the jeepney with 50 family packs of relief goods the Baguio DTS team brought.

Not all landslides are village disasters, but even small ones can affect travel.

The village of Anabel sits on a mound in a valley beside the Chico River.

We traveled about an hour to the barangay sub-office located on the mountainside above Anabel. People from 3 area villages were supposed to meet us there so they could receive the family packs that were brought. Unfortunately, a couple of the villages are currently involved in a tribal war. Because of this the police were on hand and many people asked their barangay officials to represent them because of fears for their safety. We were still able to spend some time with those who came.
Alexie and Adriana with Melinda and Tracy from the Baguio DTS team.

YWAM Mountain Province's Tribal DTS (light blue shirts) has been serving in the Anabel area, so they met the YWAM Baguio DTS team (dark blue shirts) and helped with the relief distribution.

This is how women generally carry things, even family packs.

Annalise, Alayna, and Gretchen on the bridge across the Chico River to Anabel.

You feel adventurous just crossing this bridge. (See video.)

Kindel is a friend of ours who helped staff the Tribal DTS. Her home is in Anabel and she has been with the TDTS as they have been serving there. The TDTS has been teaching Bible stories using the OneStory concepts and I received one text from them that they were digging a pit for a CR (outhouse).

When we went to Anabel with the Baguio DTS team, she guided us around the village. We even had a merienda (snack) at Nora's house (one of the TDTS students) where the TDTS team is staying.
Kindle explains the use of the high place in Anabel.

Edison praying to the One True God at the high place.

All of the visitors (and the residents who were nearby) enjoyed watching some of our companions give their hand a try at pounding rice, a daily chore for village women.

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  1. nice one, you are all brave enough to visit the place . . . Keep it up . . . God Bless you all :)