Friday, November 20, 2009

Questions Answered

Since only one person even attempted to answer the questions from our 500th blog post, I thought I would go ahead and give you the answers:

Name two caves we have visited since our blog began.
Rushmore Caverns and Sagada Caverns

What was the name of the program the girls participated in while we attended our Crossroads Discipleship Training School at YWAM Salem?

Children of Destiny

Why did Thomas go to the village of Kakaby in October last year?

Robuan’s funeral

What does SSM stand for?

Student Sponsorship Ministry

What is language we are trying to learn?


What village do we now call home?

Samoki, a part of B

What ministry does Thomas often participate in on Monday mornings?

oral Recovery Program with the Philippines National Police

What ministry does our family participate in on Friday mornings?

YWAM Health Clinic

What did we compare to playing Calvinball?

btaining our long-term visas

What are the two big festivals that take place in Bontoc every year?

Lang-ay and Am-among

There are 4 ways that people get around in Mountain Province. Three of them are walking, buses, and trikes. What is the other?


What is the address of our YWAM ministry’s website?

In what village did our family learn to plant rice?


What is the traditional musical instrument of the Igorot people?

Brass gongs

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