Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thump, Thump

On Friday the YWAM Baguio DTS team joined us again for the YWAM Health Clinic. We did not have as many patients as usual, perhaps because of the athletic tournaments at the schools and the parade. But it was still a good time talking with people as we took blood pressures and checked glucose levels.

Did I mention the parade? When taking blood pressures, you are listening for the pulse in the artery of the arm. You try to listen for the thump, thump of blood in an artery with a parade of several school bands going right outside. No contest - drums win!

But once the parade passed, we were able to begin again.

Below are some stats about our clinic since we started in October, 2008:
  • Number of patients served: 496
  • Total attendance: 996
  • Number screened positive for hypertension: 296
  • Number screened positive for diabetes: 152
We really enjoy being able to serve the people here. Many have become friends that we look forward to seeing each week. When walking about, it is common to stop and talk with one of our friends from the clinic.


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