Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today I experimented with one of the teaching tricks I learned as an instructor at the nuclear plant. Instead of the typical sermon, we read the passage (Luke 17:11-19) then I gave the congregation an assignment.

They divided into groups and created a 9-Grid of icons that represented different aspects of the story.

Each group discussed what were the important elements of the story and the best way to represent those parts through a simple image or symbol.

Afterward, people from each group got up to describe the images of their 9-Grids: why they were chosen and what they represented.
This opened into a discussion of what we learned about the story and what we can learn from the story.

My sermon notes fit on a 4"x6" piece of paper. They were mostly a list of questions to encourage the discussion. I spoke less during this sermon than any other. Yet I think that it is one of the messages they will remember for the longest time.


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