Saturday, January 2, 2010

PNP Christmas Party

On the afternoon of Friday, December 18, a policeman knocked on the door. When I answered, he presented me with an invitation to the Christmas party for the Bontoc police department.

Actually, it was a bit more than an invitation. As I read the program, I found that I was on the schedule for the opening prayer for the event. I was honored that my family was invited to be part of their celebration and that I was asked to have a formal part of the program.

The only problem was that the party was the next morning and was scheduled to begin at the same time as the graduation for YWAM's Tribal Discipleship Training School. I would have declined the invitation, but we have desired and prayed for relationships to grow with the police officers. We decided to go first to the police Christmas party then go to the graduation shortly thereafter.

We were excited to spend a little time as a family with the officers and their families.

We are growing in our understanding of Filipino Time, but were still a little concerned about how things would work when two events were to start at the same time. But there was no need to worry. Although the police were not ready to start their festivities at the stated start time, when things did begin I opened in prayer then we headed for the YWAM base for the graduation. By the time we arrived, we were nearly an hour late but things were just beginning.

We had hoped to make it back to the Christmas party with the police after the graduation and YWAM celebrations. But it was over when we made it back to the plaza.

We continue to pray for opportunities to get to know the officers more personally and in so doing share the hope that is within us.


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