Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diesel, Dust, and Chicken Dung

Lisa and I are keeping busy right now hosting a team that came to us from Taiwan as part of the YWAM school, Titus Project. We are excited to have them here as they will be holding seminars to teach Bible study skills.

Although their school is based in Taiwan, none of the team is Taiwanese. Most are from North America. The team includes the school director's family - which includes four young children. Our girls have been having a great time talking and playing with them. We are also excited because a friend we met during our CDTS in Salem, Victor, is on the team.

Because I needed to make a trip to Baguio anyway, I had the privilege of meeting the team there and escorting them to Bontoc. They arrived in Manila early Monday morning and I left Bontoc to meet them when they arrived in Baguio. Both of us had a trip that generally takes about 6 hours. But I did not know when they would begin their bus trip. Along the way, my bus stopped so rocks from an overnight landslide could be cleared to make a pathway for the bus. We also stopped for a short while so some repairs could be accomplished. When I arrived in Baguio I took care of a few errands and decided to take some lunch to the bus stop to wait for them. I finished lunch, had a short conversation with a man nearby, then their bus pulled up. It was near perfect timing, though I could not have planned it.

The title of this post represents the major aromas one experiences on the bus between Baguio and Bontoc. I suppose each is self-explanatory, so I will leave it to you to consider the situation. But to look at the positive side as well, the sky was clear and the trip through the mountains is always an incredibly beautiful journey. Although the nose may be challenged, the eyes are blessed.


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