Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mattress Shopping

While we were on furlough we bought an air mattress to replace the worn out foam mattress we had been sleeping on. It was so worn out that it provided little padding from the boards that make our bed. The air mattress was a nice improvement, but there is a reason that air mattresses are used for camping and occasional overnight guests: they eventually get a hole in them. When ours deflated after 6 months of use we needed to get a new mattress.

Living in Bontoc, this is not as easy as you might think. We went into every shop we thought might have mattresses. We even went into a few stores we had never been to before. In the end, this was the place we found a mattress of the right size.

It is so cramped, that if the owner is sitting at her desk, you can go up the aisle on one side then need to step out onto the street in order to go up the aisle on the other.

But even here, we would not have found a mattress if we would not have asked. I had to go with the owner up the stairs at the back of the store and look through a large stack in a dusty attic to find it.

A little plastic rope to bundle it and a mile or so walk brought our new mattress to our home. We won't need to worry about this mattress going flat or the springs wearing out because here the typical mattress is a piece of foam. We went with the deluxe model, 4 inches thick.

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  1. Hope you picked up a couple of those baskets, too!
    Mrs. Emmer