Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Unusual Packing List

Perhaps most of you reading this have never packed a couple of hula-hoops, an empty soda bottle,blindfolds, a bowling ball, and lots of rope when traveling for the day.  It isn't exactly typical travel gear - and besides, the bowling ball is heavy.  But in the hands of a highly trained professional, or even someone like me, these can be the ingredients for a great day of team building activities.

Yesterday I traveled to Nakagang, Sabangan to facilitate leadership and team building to a group of college students who are preparing to travel to several villages to present a Vacation Bible School.  Some have never staffed a Vacation Bible School and since some are from Baguio and others from area villages, most have never met each other.
We had a great time as I presented challenge after challenge and they had to come up with solutions and work as a team to overcome and implement them.  A little bit of frustration and a lot of laughter combined with a couple of handfuls of learning.

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