Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Out

After deciding in early May that YWAM Mountain Province would be closing its ministry center for a time, Saturday was moving day.  (YWAM Mountain Province and our family will continue to minister here.  We will continue to minister in our homes and in the community.)

Many of the students from our Student Sponsorship Ministry showed up to help with the work, and there was plenty to go around.

First everything had to be unpacked...
Delia unpacking a cabinet.

Then packed...
Josephine carrying bedding to put into a box.

Irish wrestling an unruly pile of bedding.

Or perhaps, disassembled...
Jordan and Allyza taking apart another set of bunk beds.

Lisa and the girls had some school work to do in the morning and planned to bring lunch for everyone and help in the afternoon.  About this time, she sent me a text asking how it was going.  I looked around and said it was probably better than it looked.  (It was.)

Then it was time to move everything.  Fortunately, there was a neighbor nearby who was willing to lend us the aid of his truck.  Otherwise, we would be carrying everything the entire way to where we stored everything.  Since our ministry directors were out of town, we quietly stored it all in their unfinished 2nd floor.  (Well, it wasn't really very quiet and they knew we were going to put everything there before they left.)
Big Black Blessing!

The truck saved us a lot of work.  But since few houses are along the road, we still needed to carry each item to their house through the rice fields.
The path down which everything needed to be carried by hand.

The paths are somewhat narrow (like 6 inches narrow in places), so when someone is carrying a load, you need to get off the path so they can pass.  But don't step into the rice field, you'll get very muddy and damage the crop.
Step aside, please.

But since "life is school and school is life", there was a short break as nature study interrupted the move.

Class dismissed, now back to work!
Jonathan, a truck with no wheels.

We also have a YWAM DTS outreach team coming so we took some things to another house where the team will be staying as they minister in Bontoc.
Alayna and Jil carrying a mattress.  Perhaps Jil is doing some texting also?

Everybody worked hard and much was accomplished before we stopped for dinner.
A tired group of friends.

Thanks everyone for your hard work!

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  1. That sure puts things in perspective. And we complain about how hard it is moving here...where you can back a truck practically to the front door!