Friday, May 30, 2008

Balut YWAM

Just a quick update. (Lisa and I have gotten about 11 hours of sleep since we woke up Monday morning and need to get up in about 3.)

We have made it as far as Manila. The staff was patient as they waited for us to gather our baggage and leave the airport. Two of our bags did not make it. Which really was a good thing because they would not have fit in the vehicle anyway.
Anyway, we are here! God is good!


  1. Awesome! Just waiting to hear. Everyone looks like they weathered the trip pretty well. Every time I walk upstairs at work, they say, "where are they now?" I'll go tell them you are safe and sound, well maybe not sound, but tomorrow after several hours of sleep!

  2. Awesome! Every time I run upstairs at work, they say, "where are they now?" I'll go tell them you have arrived safe and sound!
    Thanking God for your safe travel.

  3. We are thrilled to get the news and so very anxious to hear details when things settle down for you and you have had some much needed rest and visa applications are being processed. Love, Mom B

  4. Welcome to the Philippines! So glad you made it ok, and I hope your last 2 bags come soon without any hassle. Let me know when you get a cell phone, and we can text.

  5. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Looking forward to hearing more after you are all rested.