Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Go Keepsakes!

I haven't taken the opportunity to brag on the Keepsakes soccer team yet. Alexie and Alayna both play while Lisa, my Dad, and our friend, Chriselda, and I all coach. Saturday was the first opportunity we have had to take pictures. I missed the first two games because of work and the sideline can be very busy so Lisa couldn't take any. Besides, this was the first game we have had where it was not raining. It was actually a beautiful morning.

The team is playing great. We have a number of strong players, even among our youngest girls. I love to see them working as a team. We define a win by whether the girls had fun and played their hardest, but it is also rewarding that the score has been in our favor at the end of each game as well.

Saturday, Alexie and Alayna both had a great game! Alexie was able to score a number of goals in the last period in order for us to secure a victory. She has become a real powerhouse on the field. Alayna is one of the youngest players on our team. I have enjoyed watching her blossom this year. Her skills and intensity have grown so much. In a recent game she was able to make an assist to Alexie - how cool is that for soccer coach parents?!

Our family really enjoys soccer. Through it, we have been blessed to get to know so many other families in the community.
Alayna moving the ball down the field.

Alexie on the move.

Alayna and Marjorie getting ready to kick-off.

Alayna putting the moves on an opponent.

SCORE! That's OUR #17!

Alayna and Alexie in control.


  1. great post. alexie

  2. Great job, Keepsakes! I miss being on the team.

  3. finally a game w/ no rain!! good job girls:0)