Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I have not taken the opportunity to dedicate an entire post to my beloved bride before, so I will now.

Happy Mother's Day, Lisa!

By God's grace, I have been blessed to live with an incredible woman. She has been my best friend since we were juniors in high school. We have spent more of our lives together as a couple than we have apart from each other. I apologize to all of you other men out there who missed the opportunity to have her at your side.

Lisa is truly the compliment to who God has made me. She is a wonderful wife. She brings beauty and joy. She encourages me when I am down and listens when I need to talk. She knows my weaknesses and not only loves me anyway, but she covers the chinks in the armor and helps me shine.

Though Lisa is a wonderful friend and wife to me, her heart is to be a mother. Her thoughts and energies are centered on raising our girls. Most of the hours in her day are spent in some way teaching, mentoring, or otherwise caring for our daughters. No other purpose is so near to her heart than raising our girls and helping them become mature women who love our Lord sincerely.
This compassion and instinct towards our children is also something that God has used so many times for His glory. Lisa loves to be with young children. The orphanages we visited in the Philippines, the soccer teams she has coached and helped coach, AWANA, and Royal Rangers are examples of times that she has been doing what God has designed her for. I believe He will use Lisa to bless children wherever we go.
I love you Lisa,


  1. Happy Mother's Day Lisa!!! I agree with Thomas, you are such a loving mom and you are great with all children!!! You are a great example to me!

  2. that is too sweet tom. hope you had a wonderful mothers day lisa!