Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bunny Blues

You never can be sure what will prompt a wave of homesickness. It could be a memory or a glimpse of a loved one's photograph, a craving for a food unavailable, the news of beautiful fall colors or the first snowfall, or even more crushing the thoughts of the holidays spent far from family. Yesterday, Annalise came to me and said, "Mommy I miss my bunny. You know the one with the long eyelashes." If that was not sad enough she started sobbing. We had squeezed one of her bunnies in our luggage but not that one. "Can't we just go home and get it and then come back to the Philippines?" Not really nor could I just rush out to Build-A-Bear to get her a new one. All I could do was hug her close. The homesickness has increased as the holiday season gets closer. It is especially hard when one of the girls is suffering to the point of tears.


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  1. How hard that must be. I know when we deal wiht similar in the hospital how hard it is and it's so much more short term than the years you are dealing with. Praying for each of your homesick hearts this holiday season.