Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dee Dah Day

Every Tuesday night YWAM Mountain Province gathers for Discipleship Talk. This meeting is designed to promote the discipleship of the students of the Student Sponsorship Ministry (SSM). I have begun teaching a series on the Christian disciplines based on The Life You Always Wanted, by John Ortberg.

Last week we talked about the difference between training and trying. That is where the disciplines come in. By considering the areas in our lives that need to be transformed, we can apply disciplines to help us train ourselves to change our behaviors and attitudes,

This week we talked about the discipline of joy. The author talks about his young daughter's expression of joy, the Dee Dah Day dance. When joy overflows in her, time for a Dee Dah Day dance.

If God is joyful, I want to be joyful. If the joy of the Lord is my strength, I am weak when I am without joy. If I am to rejoice in the Lord, then being without joy is a sin.

-----I have written, and deleted, something that was beginning to look like a thesis rather than a blog post. So I will leave you with a reminder to celebrate and fill your life with joy - have a Dee Dah Day.

Or as Uncle Remus would say, a Zippity Do Dah day...



  1. Hi Tom & Lisa,

    Sure did enjoy "Zippedy Do Dah". Took me back to my childhood--I loved the movie.

    I was perusing the site, trying to catch up since Jack & I were on vacation. I didn't have a chance to see your blog while we were gone.

    Lisa, I wanted to thank you for sharing your "whatever" thoughts from a couple of weeks ago. It was thought-provoking for me & I agree that many times we don't look at life using Philippians 4:8 verse. Your comments were an encouragement to me.

    This is the first time I've written to you on your blog site, even though I have been reading it since you started. I will try to be a little more communicative in the future.

    Take care & God bless.

    Terry Maguire

  2. One of my favorite books...thanks for sharing.
    -- Todd

  3. Terry,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. We enjoy getting feedback on our posts. We hope people find them interesting; it's nice to know when you found it worth reading and why.

    We also appreciate your comment because it makes this more of a conversation. It still isn't the same as a hug on Sunday morning, but our arms just aren't that long.


  4. Todd,

    I really like the book too. I have read other books about personal discipleship that made the gap between where I am and where I want to be seem wider. This one is helpful because it does not add to the guilt of my failings, but encourages me onward.


  5. Hi Tom, Lisa and family,
    We check in on you through your blog every once and awhile. It helps us to know how to be praying. We miss you and the girls at homeschool events, especially geography club. Its inspiring to see all God is doing through your family. God Bless Todd, Michelle and family