Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parents and Pancit

Saturday YWAM Mountain Province hosted a meeting for the parents of the Student Sponsorship Ministry students. They came from various barangays such as Can-eo, Sacasacan, Sadanga, Sagada, and others. It was an opportunity to share with them what is happening with the ministry and to strengthen our partnership in the discipleship of their children.

After we said good morning, Lisa and I had exhausted our Ilocano and had to rely on translators.

Lisa shared with the parents how much our family has been blessed by the students. So many of them have been adopted by our girls as big brothers and big sisters.

After introductions, Gilbert lead us in worship.

What better way to begin a meeting than a little team building? A little rope and some blindfolds and people begin to loosen up and laugh. The parents, students, and YWAM staff did some activities that helped to illustrate my message about following Jesus and working out our discipleship as a community. As stated earlier, I had used up his Ilocano but Patrick was there to translate into Ilocano.

Then the student's performed the song, Walk With Jesus.

After a delicious lunch of rice, pancit, and sardines, we watched a slideshow of pictures of the students since the last parent meeting.

YWAM SSM students and parents
(with a few extras - In case you have a hard time finding 3 of our girls that ended up in the picture, they are toward the front wearing blue jeans.)


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  1. You guys are great. The impact you are having on a community and a nation is not measured and may not be noticed daily, but in the time and effort you spend with the people providing them with the knowledge of Christ and making it a fun experience and a way of life is awesome. I'm so proud of what you all are doing and the differences you are making. So proud to call you all friends. Our prayers are with you.