Saturday, November 29, 2008

Manna - Resolved

By the way, the mystery fruit from last week is called goyabano.

We haven't had it since then because it hasn't been in the market again until today. The one piece we saw today did not look so good.


  1. It is just such a odd looking fruit, but each new thing you show makes me want to try something new and different. Hopefully you'll find some that looks good soon.

  2. Holly,
    This idea of trying something new from someone who eats only one vegetable, lima beans?

    Let me know what you decide to try.

  3. Hey, been a while...oops. I did look for a good soursop (aka goyabano) punch recipe for you but there are so many little 'add to taste' traditions that I didnt want to risk sending one I couldnt truly vouch for. However, you really should try it yourself. Served chilled it's Sooooo nice. Do whatever you would do with some fruit you're more familiar with...just dont add the skin or seeds! And if you have it there, a dash of aromatic bitters makes it even better