Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Game

Our current family read aloud is Pollyanna. Towards the beginning of the story, Pollyanna explains to Nancy the "just being glad" game.

"Oh, yes; the game was to just find something about everything to be glad about - no matter what twas," rejoined Pollyanna earnestly.

Nancy is not so sure about this game. So Pollyanna continues...

"Oh, but it isn't queer - its lovely," maintained Pollyanna enthusiastically. "And we've played it ever since. And the harder tis, the more fun tis to get em out; only - only - sometimes its almost too hard - like when your father goes to heaven, and there isn't anybody but a Ladies Aid left."

Earlier this week I was thinking about how easy it is to start to grumble and complain. I had been thinking of how I am tired of eating the same foods every week. Two words quickly came to mind, "manna and quail." The Israelites were wandering in the dessert far from any 7-11 or sari-sari and were hungry. The Lord, who showed His power and delivered them from bondage in Egypt, was faithful once again to care for them. He rained food down from heaven. That was great for the first few days, but their thankfulness for the manna did not last long. "Wheres the beef?" they soon were whining.

I do not want to continue in the same pattern as the Israelites, so I am going to try to join Pollyanna in her "just being glad" game. I think I might struggle a bit as Nancy does to play the game, but hopefully it will get easier as I go.


P.S. Just typing this I struggled some as blogger wouldn't let me use any apostrophes. The only ones that made it in are those that spellcheck caught. But the "glad" part is now I have a lesson in proofreading for The Garden of Grace Girls Academy next week!


  1. I love Pollyanna, one of my favorites.

    So glad you posted this. I think it's a game I need to be playing a little bit more than I do.

  2. Hello to your family from ours... We're praying for you and your missionary work - God Bless you and keep you! The Clemmers in California