Saturday, February 21, 2009

Loss for Words

Okay, I don't really have any cute kid quotes or exciting cross-cultural experiences to share. So to make up for my failure as a reporter, I thought I would instead follow the common practice of sharing a random collection of things about me. So here goes...
  1. I asked Jesus to become my Lord at age 4. I have been blessed by His faithfulness as I have grown to know Him more through the years.
  2. My left index finger does not bend due to a childhood injury.
  3. I don't have a favorite season, but i love the coming of each new season in the Midwest. - I miss the seasons.
  4. I married my high school sweetheart.
  5. I played softball in 2nd grade. We had an undefeated season and i have never been interested in softball or baseball since.
  6. Someday I hope to learn to play the piano.
  7. I always feel anxious and lost in a city, but enjoy being lost in the woods.
  8. I never played soccer until my senior year in high school.
  9. I have enjoyed learning to make and edit videos, many of which you have seen on this blog.
  10. My first mission trip was tri-generational; my dad and Adriana went with me to Tecate, Mexico.
  11. I normally print in all capital letters. But I write in cursive in my prayer journal. (This drives my homeschooling wife nuts.)
  12. I really enjoy creating and improving things.
  13. My proposal to Lisa belongs in the Lame Hall of Fame. I proposed to her in my little Ford Festiva in her parents' driveway when I picked her up for church. I had not talked to her dad, no eloquent proposal, lousy atmosphere, not down on one knee - but she said yes and her parents have forgiven me...I think.
  14. I was 4th in my high school class, but did not make the top 10%.
  15. Breyers vanilla ice cream is my favorite treat.
  16. I lied to Lisa so she would sit with me at a basketball game before we started dating. She was (and is) really cute and i was 17 and couldn't think of anything else to do at the moment.
  17. I once threw a fishing rod and reel into the lake while trying to cast. (Since we couldn't retrieve it, Dad bought me a new one. But for a long time afterward it had a tether rope that clipped to my belt loop.)
  18. I spent one wedding anniversary in the hospital having knee surgery.
  19. I learned left and right by remembering that my broken finger was on my left hand.
  20. I was once on the Bozo the Clown TV show. I played a game and won a candy bar.
  21. I once considered going to school to become a medical doctor.
  22. My girls claim I make the best pancakes. (They don't get out much.)
  23. In high school, our church youth choir went on tour to the east coast.
  24. I am the sole proprietor of a business. I draw commissioned pencil portraits.
  25. Random jobs: babysitter, church custodian, hardware store clerk, UPS truck unloader, exterior painting, lawn care, radiation protection technician, commissioned artist, instructor, basement remodeler...


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