Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Letter

This week I was able to hand out a Bible to each of the sixth graders in my Values Education class. Together we read the passage in Luke about the Good Samaritan. We discussed it and then some of the students acted the story out (minus the beating and robbing). They seemed to understand when I shared that the way Jews and Samaritans felt about each other were like two tribes engaged in a tribal war or the discrimination that occurs between Highlanders and Lowlanders here in the Philippines. I told them that Jesus did not just talk about love but clearly demonstrated His love. Not just to His friends, but all people. Together we read more Bible verses to reinforce this important point. I walked around helping any who needed assistance finding the verses.

Never had the class been so eager to participate. I was so excited to share this love letter from God with them. And I believe they were just as excited to receive it. It is difficult to imagine not having a Bible, yet many here, do not. Makes me feel bad for the times I have let mine collect dust. I am challenged to keep reading my precious love letter and share it with all around.


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