Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Samaritan

Every Monday morning, the Municipal Government has a flag ceremony. Mixed in with the national anthem, announcements, departmental reports, and the Bontoc theme song are a few presentations by the week's sponsoring department. I attend these gatherings regularly as they precede the time I have with the Philippine National Police for the Moral Recovery Program. This weekend, YWAM was asked to present as a part of the meeting as well. So this morning our whole family was able to participate in sharing the love of Christ.

We did a presentation of the parable of the good Samaritan. Annalise played the injured victim. (Although we needed to remind her that she needed to stop raising her head and smiling at the audience - people beaten and left for dead don't usually smile.) Adriana walked by reading a romance novel. Alayna walked by listening to music and singing about love. (Okay, so it wasn't exactly like Luke records it.) Then Alexie, stopped and helped Annalise even though their shirts made it clear that they were from rival villages. Lisa and I commented on what was happening. (A peanut gallery, if you will.)

Afterwards, I was able to share about the meaning of love and went on to share about how Jesus demonstrated His love for us on the cross. (Yes, this was on the steps of the Municipal Government buildings.)

Annalise smiling her way through being left for dead and Alexie comparing shirt colors

Introducing ourselves to the employees of the Bontoc Municipal Government

I have stopped by the fire department several times to talk and pray for the firefighters. While talking with them, I was disheartened to see the lack of equipment they are forced to work with(out). A while ago I told some of my colleagues from the fire brigade I volunteered with. When they heard about it, they began collecting things and shipped a box of turn-out gear. So after the skit, I was honored to represent my former coworkers in a another practical demonstration of love.

The mayor of Bontoc and a representative from the fire department receiving the gifts from my fire fighting friends at home

Looks a lot like Christmas

"Thank you!" to all who prayed. Alexie had to overcome being really sick last night and another one of our girls had to overcome an acute case of stage fright in order to present the skit. Thanks to your prayers, we were able to present the love of Christ to all of the Bontoc Municipal Government employees.

"Thank you!" also to my friends who worked so hard to bless the people of Bontoc with the protective gear which may prevent a good deal of suffering and maybe even save a life.

While I am at it, "Thank you!" to those who have partnered with us and make it possible for us to be here and serve the people of Mountain Province.

Tom - for all of us

p.s. Lisa and I enjoyed the opportunity to build relationships with the people of Bontoc. After the cermony, we were invited to join the members of the Municipal Office of Agriculture for coffee.


  1. What an awesome opportunity and great way of teaching. Great to hear about the fire gear too!

  2. I really enjoy reading about your family serving together. Your girls did a wonderful job with the skit. What a blessing you were able to gift the firefighters with equipment!

  3. We just wanted to let you know that we love reading your blog and linked to it on our new website, Blessings, Mark.

  4. Oh wow! How neat to be able to share that equipment with the fire department! You guys have some great opportunities.

    Holly W.