Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl I

Who needs the Super Bowl to have a Super Bowl party? We already had ours and although it is Sunday night and after 9 pm, the game has not even played. (An amazing thing about time zones.) The people here do not even know what the Super Bowl is or, of course, how significant an event it is in the US.

We were planning on having some typical Super Bowl party foods. Pizza, chips, salsa, etc. and playing games as a family tonight. As we were putting the pizza in the oven (we love having an oven) we got a text from someone saying she was on her way over. While we waited for her to show up, we were discussing who it may be since we did not recognize her name. It turns out she is one of the students from our church. What the text did not say was that 6 others from church were coming with her.

Honestly, I was a little overwhelmed at first. But Lisa and I took a minute and asked God to make the food we had multiply and help us all to really enjoy our time together. He was once again faithful. There was plenty to eat and leftovers, besides. More than that, I really enjoyed having them here and getting to know them better.

I did get to share American football with them, in a way. Besides having Super Bowl snacks, we watched Facing the Giants. Perhaps I will be able to get my hands on a copy of the Super Bowl and we will have a real Super Bowl party and watch a full football game. Then maybe they will better understand why some people watch the game for the hype and the commercials alone. (Then again, maybe they still won't.)


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  1. Happy Superbowl Sunday! Sounds like your party was more fun then ours will be! I did go on Hulu and watch all the commercials though.