Monday, March 23, 2009

Hunting Trip

The times of running water have been less and we were without internet for the past 5 days. No, we have not been visiting a remote village, just a few reminders we are not in Michigan (or even Kansas) anymore but living in a third world country best described as "random." By the way the ATM is still not working for us here in Bontoc.

Thomas returned from Baguio late Wednesday night. He quite easily attained some cash from the ATM within moments of getting off the bus. Along with the cash, he successfully hunted down and bagged:
allergy medicine
2 pillows
4 movies
dried mangoes (some for a snack on the bus back to Bontoc and the rest to add to our homemade granola)
2 water heaters (so we can indulge in hot bucket showers when we have no running water)
4 notebooks (that was all the stock they had)
2 bottles of hand soap

I am not as efficient as he and usually visit many of the stores of the mall and along Session Road looking around. But Thomas is a hunter, not a shopper, which is why he could quickly capture many items on his "list" and still have time to enjoy some pizza in the mere 3 hours he was off the bus. Part of that time he spent in a taxi getting to the mall and back to the bus station. Pretty impressive, especially if one is familiar with shopping in the Philippines. There is no Super Wal-mart here. He had to visit a minimum of 6 different stores on different levels to get those items along with the pizza place.

All of us are happy to have him back and thankful for his enduring the 14 hours of the bumpy bus ride. Now we have cash to buy some rice.


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  1. I am glad he was able to get cash there and some others goodies. I hope they resolve the ATM problem quickly. That is a total bummer and a little scary.

    My husband is a buyer also and not a shopper. As a matter of fact one of the worst disagreements we ever had was when we were still newlyweds and he indulged me by going to the mall with me, but then making the time spent there miserable. :~)

    Hope you guys have a great week!
    Holly W.