Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Talking Over the Fence

After the internet technician left the house yesterday, there was still a fair amount of work I needed to do to reestablish our network. I am no computer guru and such things have me working at the edge of my knowledge level. So when the girls decided to play outside, I welcomed the opportunity to have it quiet.

After a while, Alayna came up and said that she and Alexie were talking to some young men over the back fence who had questions about salvation. She wanted me to come down and help answer their questions. My initial thought was doubt about the stated intention of the conversation. Alexie looks much older than 11 and her blonde hair and fair skin gather plenty of attention here. So I went downstairs with fatherly protection of my naive princess in mind. I did not really expect there would be much of a spiritual conversation with the young men when "the dad" showed up.

I was wrong! After a few minutes, I invited them in to sit and talk. For the next hour or so, we talked about sin and redemption. He really did have many questions and was eager to understand more about who God is and His great love for us. He had heard many of the names from the Bible stories and many of the words we often use to describe what God has done: saved, salvation, sin, redemption, gospel, etc. But he did not know what the stories or the words mean. Another missionary in town had talked with him and brought many questions to mind. It seems their discussion was an awakening for him. But it created many questions.

He seemed very hungry to learn more, so we gave him a Bible. He had never had nor read one before. We talked about where he could start reading so he could better understand who Jesus is. (It was an Ilocano/English parallel version. His friend who does not speak English and sat quietly nearby the whole time began reading the Bible right away as our discussion continued.) Before he left we prayed that God would reveal Himself to my new friend.

It was one of the most incredible conversations I have ever had! He had so many questions - sincere and honest questions. He was so interested in what salvation meant. He was so eager to read the Bible. I look forward to talking with him again soon. Please pray for David as the Holy Spirit works in his heart. Pray that he will pass along to the other young man, Rodel, the things we discussed.



  1. Just wanted to let you know how your blessing of being able to get cash was able to plant a seed in our oldest son's heart. For Awana he had to pray for a missionary for 16 days. I suggested he pray for your family because he knows who you are and we can easily know what to pray for. So for the last 10 days he has been specifically prayed for God to help you get money from the ATM and that God would help you share Jesus with people there. I was able to share with him how his prayer was answered and he said Wow. Now we will be praying specifically for David. C also said that he hopes someday to meet David in heaven along with the David with a sling. Have a great week. Michelle

  2. Tell C thanks so much for his prayers. We are very aware that any good that happens here is the result of prayer. We rely on the prayers of friends like him to help us in our work here.