Friday, April 17, 2009

Bad-ayan, Buguias

As you can see above, the ride was something less than a Cadillac. I rode in the back of a friend's Jeepney with some other friends to present a Moral Recovery Program seminar to the barangay officials in Bad-ayan in the neighboring province of Buguias. Talking with the owner, the drive train dates back to 1980 and the vehicle had been retired and resurrected a couple times when he bought it. Riding in the back was not so bad on the stretches of road that are paved. But the other times, it was a lot like riding in the bed of a pickup truck, on gravel roads, with bad suspension. (I suppose it was exactly like that.) It was along 3.5 hours.
The beauty of this country is simply breathtaking to me. Unfortunately, the tarps that enclose the back don't really have windows - it just looks like it. But once we were there, we dusted off and I got to enjoy the scenery around Bad-ayan.

Here are some of my new friends enjoying our meal together.

One of my companions started us off with a lively song to get the blood moving. Then we got down to business with our seminar. Throughout the day, we shared on topics such as Love of God, Selfless Love and Service to People, Wisdom of Truthfulness, Sanctity of Marriage, and Respect for Authority. Only one topic was presented in English. (I really need to learn Ilocano so I will have a clue about what is being said by people other than me.)

It was a long day. But at the end of the seminar, many of the barangay officials (think town council) commented that the seminar was an encouragement for their work. One even asked if we could stay overnight to continue the next day so others could join them. But several of my companions had commitments in Baguio the next day and I was eager to get home to Lisa and the girls. The trip home was not so uncomfortable. It was raining/drizzling, so the dust was not nearly so bad and our companions heading to Baguio caught a bus which made room in the front of the Jeepney.


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