Thursday, April 9, 2009

Box Day!

Yesterday when Thomas and I stopped at the post office, five boxes were waiting with my name on them. They might have looked like some ordinary brown cardboard boxes to everyone else, but not to our family. Despite the fact that some of the boxes had ripped open in the transit from the States, the treasure inside was safe and secure....books, books, glorious books and more! You would have thought it was Christmas with the excitement in the air as we lifted each item out of the cardboard disguises. Even though we are still finishing up a few items from school year 2008-2009, the girls are looking forward with great anticipation to next school year. They will not have long to wait as we plan on starting the new school year at the beginning of May so they can enjoy summer vacation showing Grandma, Grandpa, and their cousin, Jordan, around in June. We are so very thankful for the arrival of our treasure and that the company, Rainbow Resource Center, that shipped it to us not only gave us a missionary discount of 15% but charged us less than half of the actual shipping charges!

The girls have to wait until the "school bell" rings to open the new books, but we all enjoyed a few new games while the rain poured down outside. The new family favorite is Spy Alley.


P.S. Coming soon - a post about Bontoc's biggest festival of the year, Lang-ay.

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  1. Go go go, you guys go!!
    Blessings from Africa!!
    Please stay safe there....