Monday, April 13, 2009

Good - Monday - Morning

Thanks to all of you who prayed for the events of this morning. Your prayers were definitely felt and appreciated. It was a rough night however. Alexie was sick and needed attention several times through the night. You may remember that the last time we had a presentation at the Municipal Flag Ceremony, she was very ill as well. She is feeling better than last night, but could still use your prayers.

This morning the Municipal Health Office was hosting the Municipal Flag Ceremony. The doctor that directs the office requested that I share about our work at the YWAM Health Clinic. Later, when I saw her at the Lang-ay Festival, she asked if I could also share a Bible teaching during the program. I was excited about the an invitation to share with all of the Municipal Government employees. (As well as the various people who happen to watch the ceremony each week at the plaza.)

For those of you who responded to our request for prayer about this opportunity, I once again thank you. I believe this opportunity would not even have been extended if not for the prayers of those who stand with us in prayer.

First, I shared about the YWAM Health Clinic. Since we began in October, we have seen over 300 different patients with a total attendance of about 450. Over 80 people have screened positive for diabetes and over 180 have screened positive for hypertension. In addition to testing, we we offer advice on healthy diet and lifestyle as they apply to the people of this region.

I then talked with them about the time Jesus said, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." And Isaiah prophesying about Jesus and saying that, "by His wounds we are healed." It is interesting that we often apply these ideas to physical healing. Indeed God does care about our physical health; Jesus healed many people of real, physical ailments. But in both of these passages, the sickness had to do with sin. Jesus was responding to a question about why He hung out with sinners. And Isaiah was talking about transgressions, iniquities, and punishment.

It was so great that yesterday was Easter. So even for those who don't concern themselves with the teaching of Christianity, the story of Jesus' death and resurrection was familiar.

During the sharing we did a "screening" for the disease of sin. We all tested positive. Then I told them about the cure, Jesus. I left them with the challenge I leave with our patients: now you are aware of a problem, but awareness is not healing. Healing requires change. What will you do?

My companion who had come for the Moral Recovery Program that followed the flag ceremony was surprised at the boldness of the message.

Screening positive for sin.

Another part of the morning was passing along a gift. Friends from the plant I worked at for so many years had gathered together fire gear and training materials to donate to the Bontoc Fire Department. They also collected the sizable sum required to ship the two, heavy boxes around the world.

This is the second donation. The first came a couple months ago and was a real blessing to the men on the department who have
very little equipment. It was an honor to be able to pass this along. I am thankful for the doors of relationship that such blessings open.
Loading up the fire gear onto the trike.

Then onto another trike for the ride to the fire station.
After the flag ceremony, I met with the Philippine National Police for the Moral Recovery Program. There we discussed the topics of selfless love and service to people. Once again, the timing of Easter and these topics was great. For what better example of selfless love is there than our redeemer?

I include so much detail about what I shared only because so many of you were praying for us and I wanted to let you know how it went. My concern as I prepared was how the Gospel could be clearly presented before a group of people who had not gathered for a sermon or any "religious" presentation. I am so thankful for the prayers of those who stand with us. I believe all aspects of the morning went well, with the exception of my family's health. Please continue to pray that this illness will soon pass.


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