Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who's Cooking?

Alexie has been showing an increased interest in cooking recently. She has really become an asset in the kitchen. She likes to help plan meals and cook. She is even becoming proficient enough that she can handle some meals on her own.

The other day, she sent Lisa and I on a walk to the market while she planned and prepared dinner. It was the first time she made bread on her own. She did all of the mixing, kneading, etc. When we walked in, the dough had risen in the loaf pans and was ready to go into the oven.
It turned out wonderfully. She was rightfully proud of her accomplishment. Everybody felt that her bread was even better than what I usually make. We devoured the first loaf and with a great amount of self-restraint, we put the other away for lunch the next day.
Alexie and I love bread, so it is great to have someone else who is interested in making it - and can do a great job of it.

Great job Alexie!



  1. great job, Alexie! looks delicious!

  2. Great pictures! Good job on the bread!

    Holly W.

  3. It must be great fun to cook new and different foods. I'm often afraid to pick up that new fruit in produce b/c I have no idea what to expect. But to have an entire market of fruits/vegetables and proteins new to you must make some interesting meals....hopefully they are more edible than my experiments! Alexie, you must make grandma proud! Best baked goods I've ever tasted....I miss Michigan blueberries!