Monday, April 6, 2009

Prayers Answered

We would like to thank everyone for the prayers offered on our behalf. We are safe. The helicopters have left the area and we have not heard news about any more fighting. Still not sure about the facts surrounding the situation as it is difficult to get accurate and objective information from the sources available. According to the newspaper article I read about it, one soldier was wounded and it took a few days before he was found. There were no casualties reported among the rebels. But again, the newspaper, like any other media source is not always a "just the facts" report.

Sorry for the lapse in updates since that post but we have been without electricity for most of the last several days. We have had the opportunity for candlelight dinners, candlelight cooking, candlelight bucket/dipper showers, and candlelight card games.

Thanks again for your prayers...they are vital to us!

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