Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Digital Kid Photos

Kids and digital cameras can be a frustrating combination! Kids move fast in action, expression, and emotion. Digital cameras take time to turn on and focus. Even more irritating is the delay between when you press the shutter button and the photo is captured. A child can be out of site in that amount of time.This little guy came to our health clinic last Friday. He was brimming with excitement about the balloon and had a beaming smile to prove it. While his Lola (grandmother) had her blood pressure and glucose levels measured, he smiled and played with the balloon animal I had made him. Lisa got the camera out to capture the joy in his face. However, between the time the photo was initiated and the electrons were captured in silicon, the smile had vanished.

Fortunately, we did get to enjoy many smiles before and after the picture was taken. Perhaps the most enjoyable was when Lisa showed him his picture on the back of the camera. A video camera would have been needed to share that experience.

By the way, the YWAM Health Clinic has been going really well. Our average attendance has been increasing. Since it began a year and a half ago, we have seen 590 different patients with a total attendance of almost 1400. That's a lot of squeezed arms and poked fingers!

Before going on furlough we will hold the clinic 3 more times. Please pray with us for our patients:
  1. That they will understand God's love for them and His concern for every part of their lives.
  2. That change is needed for the proper care and healing of their bodies and souls.
  3. That they will forsake the pagan practices in light of the truth that sets them free.

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