Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I have been flooded with memories from my journey of motherhood. As long as I can remember, I longed to be a mother. As a little girl, I lovingly cared for my dolls as I pretended to be a mommy.

A few years after marrying the love of my life, it became clear that my dream of being a mother was not going to quickly become reality nor would it come without great sorrow. But God has been so faithful to carry me through the struggles of infertility and four miscarriages.
Today I am blessed to be the mommy of four precious daughters. Four gifts from God. Today I am remembering the sorrow and the joy of the journey of motherhood and thanking God for the many times He carried me through the sorrows and blessed me with joys. All are part of who I am today.


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  1. That's beautiful Lisa. It is such a blessing to be a mom!