Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PNP, Over and Out

This post is a little bit late. It was over a week ago that this took place, but things have been moving so fast lately that it seems only a day or two ago.
Last Monday was my last appointment with the officers of the Bontoc Municipal Philippine National Police. My friend and companion, Steve, and I were both awarded certificates of appreciation for our work with them through the Moral Recovery Program. The certificate states:
In grateful appreciation of his invaluable service for the conduct of the Moral and Spiritual Recovery Program (MRP) that contributed to the continuous exhortation among the personnel of Bontoc Municipal Police Station to uplift their moral and spiritual needs.
They said that even before they knew that Lisa was bringing brownies - or that my exhortation was going to be very short because of the brownies. Later they also gave me an official PNP ball cap. But that was after the short message and brownies.

After meeting with them for the past 2 years, my exhortation was to put into practice the principles they have heard, not hear of God's righteousness and ignore it. (Read Matthew 7:24-27 for a more complete explanation.)

It has been an honor and a privilege to share God's righteousness with these men and women.

Steve and I with the members of the Bontoc PNP

I invite you to pray with me that God will protect the officers from anything that will bring harm to them physically, mentally, or spiritually. Pray also that Steve will be able to continue the work which we have been doing.


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