Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Furry Creature

Hearing "furry creature" is okay if you are presenting me a cute plush toy. Not so much if you honestly mean a real live furry creature that happens to be a rat! Not so happy feelings filled me when I heard Thomas say last night, "Let's keep this door closed because there is a furry creature out there."

"What do you mean furry creature?"
"How big is this 'furry creature'?"

These were just a few of my questions followed by a proclamation that I will NOT be going out there until said "furry creature" has been evicted.

I am trying to not think about the other questions, "How did this rat get on our second floor porch, that we can only access by going through our apartment? How is it going to leave? If one can get there, will there be more?"

This porch is where our washing machine is located and where I hang our laundry to dry. Usually on a daily basis. Not today because I have no intention of going against my proclamation! Of course, we haven't had any running water since about 5:30 a.m. yesterday and I am not sure when we will have any. This porch is also where we store water for times like this.

This morning as I was having my quiet time and my dear Heavenly Father gently reminded me that I was to give thanks for everything, I struggled with how I could give thanks. Here's is my feeble attempt.

"Dear God, thank You that I have not seen this rat. Thank You that it is a small rat. Thank You that this is the first time, we have had a rat on our porch. Thank You for my amazing, loving husband that is willing to take care of everything that involves the porch including getting water for our family."

My thanksgiving was followed by trying not to be anxious but instead presented my requests to God. This didn't take quite as much effort. I know I want Him to get that rat off my porch and keep all rodents far from our apartment!


  1. Thank you for the smile! I needed it! I hope your furry creature is evicted quickly and lets all his pals know that the Maxwell dwelling is not a rat friendly environment!

    We have a large brown rat that lives in the canal around our apartment. For a while he would come out everyday at 12:15pm. People could walk with a couple feet of him and he didn't seem to notice. I am glad he finds plenty to eat down there and doesn't feel the need to move up!

  2. I'm with you on the furry creature thing!
    Mrs. Emmer

  3. i have to confess that i got a smile at your expense. :) hope your little furry creature finds a new home soon!