Friday, May 28, 2010

Heading Out!

In the morning we will leave Bontoc and take the bus to Baguio. Our bags are packed, so it is just a matter of getting everything - and everyone - to the bus. Six twisting, turning, and bumping hours later we should be there. Fortunately for us, the road is much better now than when we first came into the country two years ago.

Baguio is the first step of our journey back to the US for a visit. We will spend a few days there before making our way to Manila where we will begin our 22 hour and 35 minute journey back home.


  1. Have a wonderful, safe trip and HURRY BACK!!! God bless you guys!

  2. Hi, Tom.
    This is Jiae, a Korean. I met you and your family in Salem.
    I'm happy that I could see your family again through your blog.
    I thought I forgot your blog url, but this afternoon I found it!! Thank God!

    Please tell Adriana that "I really miss her."