Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Long Hike and a Late Night

We spent last weekend in Can-eo and Chapyosen.  First we had to take a jeepney to Can-eo.  It is about an hour through the mountains.
Are we there yet?

Lisa took some time to talk with Rosita, a teacher and mother in Can-eo.  Rosita was busy separating camote greens.  When Lisa asked Rosita to show her how to help, Rosita was concerned that Lisa would get her hands dirty.  As you can see, Lisa was able to convince her that it was okay to get her white hands dirty.
Lisa and Rosita chatting and chopping.

Saturday morning we began the hike to Chapyosen.  It is a beautiful hike along the river, but it was a long hike under the hot sun.  (Annalise stayed behind with Bridget in Can-eo.)
Wendy and my lovely ladies on the way to Chapyosen.
Crossing the hanging bridge to enter the sitio of Chapyosen.

When we finally made it to Chapyosen, we were hot, tired, and surrounded - by children.  The kids especially liked it when Wendy photographed them then reviewed the photos on her camera.  In this place without electricity and isolated by mountains, they don't see many foreigners or photos of themselves, so she garnered a lot of attention.
Let me see!

Adriana, Alexie, and Alayna all enjoyed holding the little ones of the village.

Espirita, one of the believers in the village, invited us to have lunch at her house.  We shared our peanut butter sandwiches and she shared her rice and potatoes.
Lunch at Espirita's

While we took a break, we set the Proclaimer in the sun to charge.  Espirita's sons sneaked over to investigate.
Investigating the Proclaimer through the curious eyes of a pair of boys.

Above our heads as we ate, we noticed this spear.  I understand that most spears and shields have been sold to antique collectors over the years.  It is the first time I saw one outside of a store or museum.
A not-so-fierce warrior!
When we returned to the house where the church meets, the girls played the Read Aloud Bible Stories for the people as they gathered.  People of all ages listened intently as the Ilocano translations of the stories were read.

When we were preparing for the trip and talking with Pastor Rudy, pastor of the Can-eo Station Church and fellow YWAMer, we found that several of the mothers in Chapyosen had expressed a desire to have a Bible.  So before going, we obtained Ilocano translations.  Before beginning our Bible study, Lisa wrote their names in the Bibles and presented them with their own Bible.  The first passages they asked about were the stories they had just been listening to.

It was exciting to see them intently follow along in their own Bibles when we listened to the Proclaimer later in the teaching.

With Pastor Rudy's translation, I taught an overview of the Bible.  Afterward, Pastor Rudy talked about how helpful this type of teaching is for this group of people.
Thomas and Pastor Rudy teaching an overview of the Bible.

The "Bridge Illustration" in Ilocano
The roof was too low to stand up all the way.

We made it back to Can-eo in time to make supper and lead the evening Bible study at the church.  Wendy presented We are Going to See the King using sign language.  The congregation requested her to teach them the motions.  After service was over, many stayed to have Wendy work with them until they could do the signs on their own.

In our preparations for the weekend, Pastor Rudy did not tell us about the Bible study.  But Saturday he asked who would be teaching.  Lisa volunteered and taught from Colossians.

Some of those attending Saturday night Bible study.
It was a full day and when everything was over, I believe everyone slept well.


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