Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special Delivery

The other day I was assigned to travel to Manila to collect a special delivery - Wendy. Wendy is a friend from church in the US who traveled to the Philippines to physically partner with us in life and ministry for a few weeks.

The plan was to meet her at the airport in Manila and escort her back to Bontoc.  As we have mentioned before, Manila is not nearby and travel is sometimes less than reliable here.  So I took an early bus to Baguio where I got on a more comfortable bus for the trip to Manila.  Both legs of the journey went just fine.  This left me with some time to kill.  So I headed to the Mall of Asia so I could get something to eat and have a safe place to wander around until it was time to head to the airport.
There probably are not many malls where you can watch ice hockey practice.  I seriously doubt there are any others in the tropics, anyway.

I was expecting to be as bleary eyed as this picture is blurry by the time I got to the airport.  Her flight was not scheduled to arrive until 11 pm.  But I was not as tired as I expected; plus her flight came in a little early.

I knew where to look for her, but it didn't hurt that her height, hair, and skin color made it a little easier to sneak up behind her.

Amazingly, we were able to get a taxi to the bus terminal by 11:40 pm and catch the 11:45 bus to Baguio.  I thought I might be tired but really expected Wendy to be exhausted.  By the time this picture was taken when we sat down in the bus, she had been traveling for nearly 25 hours.  I felt a little bad shuffling her to a bus for another 6 hours of traveling bliss.  But she had a great attitude.

We spent a few hours in the morning resting at a friend's house.  (Thanks Noel!)  Then we got some groceries, had lunch, and hopped on another bus for the 6 hour ride to Bontoc.  Wendy was so gracious every step of the way and God blessed us with an uneventful journey.


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