Friday, July 15, 2011

People and Places

Since Wendy has come we have been enjoying introducing her to the people, places, and culture of Bontoc.

 The Bontoc Museum was a first-stop destination.  

The museum has a native village exhibit.  Here Adriana, Annalise, Alayna, and Alexie are sitting outside of the building that served as the girls' dorm.

One of the joys of having a visitor is that you look at your place again through new eyes.  Wendy has enjoyed exploring the unique varieties of plants that grow here.  This variety of ground orchid caught all of our attention at the museum.  Annalise insists that she will always call it a bee-hive plant.

Friday morning, Wendy had her first trike ride when she joined us for health clinic. The Regional Health Unit was closed for Cordillera Day but the doctor made sure someone would be there to open the door for us and our patients.

Later on Friday, Wendy got to experience her first jeepney ride.  It was also the first time she got to travel through the mountains while it was light and the views were not lost in clouds and fog.  But more on that trip later.


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