Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday in Can-eo

Sunday morning at Can-eo Station Church began with Adriana, Alexie, Alayna, and Annalise leading children's church.  Again they used the translations of the Read Aloud Bible Stories.

Most of the time they used the recordings we have made of a native speaker reading the story.  Sometimes though, the girls read the translation themselves.
Alexie reading "Ti Bassi-Bassit Nga Tao" or "The Man Who Was Too Little".

After reading the story, the girls led the children in a song and taught them the motions that go along with the song.  At first there were only a few children who came.

As time passed, more came.  Some were too shy to enter and stood by the door.

As we have seen everywhere else, even adults enjoy hearing the stories.

Others that were too shy to come in stood at the windows.

After going through the stories once, the girls invited others to hold the book as the stories were played.  This helped other children to be less shy.
"Let me see!"

Wendy again signed a song for the congregation.  This time though, a couple of the ladies who worked so hard to learn the signs last night joined her in the presentation.

And again, our girls found babies to hold and to love on.

With Pastor Rudy's translation I presented an overview of the Bible then we listened to Matthew 27 & 28 using the Proclaimer.  The Proclaimers have been very helpful in both Can-eo and Chapyosen as people gather to study God's Word.

After service, we held our health clinic, testing blood pressure and blood sugar for all who were interested.

As we squeezed arms and poked fingers, Wendy gave lessons in sign language, and the girls twisted animal balloons for the children.

Concentration and expectation!


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  1. It is so nice to see pictures of familiar places and people! I loved Can-eo when we visited! I'm so glad my team could partner with your family as you serve faithfully in that place. :)