Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Answer is YES

Yesterday, our girls portrayed angels in our church's Christmas program. We hope after many years of playing this role garbed in white they will become more angelic. Annalise kept the crowd entertained being the littlest angel on stage. The joy of ringing a blue bell and waving a ribbon as she danced about...there is just a way a 5-year-old can do it unlike those that are older and more experienced. More exuberance, let's say.

As I've shared with some of you before, God frequently speaks to me through His youngest cherubs. One of their songs asked what answer would you give should God ask...the chorus involves the enthusiastic refrain "the answer is YES!" Mary said "yes" even though she had to be overwhelmed at the thought of what lay ahead and certainly not all her questions were answered. There are moments that we feel that way about our "yes". But what else can you say?
After the program we enjoyed visiting family and friends. We are trying to spend time with as many as we can while we have the opportunity. The internet is a great connector but it is difficult to hug with an ocean between you.
Today our family celebrated our Christmas together. The girls were certainly dressed more for Christmas in the Philippines than the cold part of the world we currently call home but Christmas dinner was All-American pizza with plenty of cheese.

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