Saturday, December 15, 2007


While it might not seem like much to anyone else, a major milestone has been reached for me - I finally finished the trim in the kitchen and hallway that was removed when we remodeled the kitchen (let's just say a couple Christmas trees didn't know trim was ever part of the kitchen). So now it's done. Why do we (I) allow such projects to drag on so long?

On another note, as I went back and forth between my shop and the kitchen, I had the radio going and they were playing Christmas music. I was able to hear several versions of my favorite Christmas song, The Little Drummer Boy. I love that song! While there are certainly some versions I appreciate more than others, I enjoy each one I have heard - even when sung by out-of-key carolers.

The message of the song is so powerful to me. No matter how little (or much) you have, no matter how you are dressed, no matter your social position, no matter..., no matter..., no matter... God expects the same, and delights in the same, offering and gift from each of us - everything we are poured out before Him in humility. That is the whole point of the song. My gift is not less because it is of little value. My gift is not less because it is of great value. My gift to our Lord matters only when it is everything I am given to Him in humility.

I hope when all is said, and all is done, I will be able to say, "I played my best for Him..."


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  1. I think that's your nephew's favorite to. We heard a story on the radio the other night...I think it's called "Barnaby" about a juggler who had nothing else to give. It was a really good story. Anyway, last night out of the blue, he says "that was a really good story." I said what story? He said "the one the other night about the juggler."