Monday, December 10, 2007


Today our family was invited to share what God is doing in our lives at a church that is significant to Lisa and I in many ways. Though neither of us has ever attended here regularly, it is part of our Christian heritage. Both of our fathers attended here during their childhood and our grandparents attended for a number of years. My grandmother served on various committees and boards over the years. It was a blessing to meet a man that had grown up with my dad. I believe that Lisa and I are truly blessed to have a heritage of Christian faith in our background. We hope to pass that heritage along to our family.

This is also where we met. Because of our families' history at the church we were both there as teenagers for the 100th anniversary of the church and were introduced by a mutual friend (thanks, Jen). While we did not get together at that time it wasn't too long before we were high school sweethearts.
We spent the afternoon playing Skip-Bo. The girls enjoyed teaching their new friends how to play. My cousin and her young helpers spent some time at Build-a-Bear with our girls in mind.


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  1. I don't know who is cuter.....the new friends or the girls!! Just teasing. The girls win hands down!!
    Have a great day.