Monday, December 31, 2007

Balloons and Soap Boxes

This is the title of the message Thomas gave at my parents' church today. The church warmly welcomed us to share about our time in the Philippines and our plans to return. They have been announcing our visit for the last several weeks, put a large display with our picture in the foyer, and even put our name on the sign in front. The church is in my hometown and, besides my parents, includes many who have known me since I was little. In each of the services, the congregation gathered around and prayed for us. Even though my mother just got in late last night from Zurich where she accompanied my uncle on his last flight as an American Airlines pilot she stayed for all three services. She even had us over for dinner. Yes, we are so blessed by the love and support shown by so many! We are very thankful for each of you.


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  1. Dear Lisa and Thomas,
    It has been a pleasure to follow your trip. Your family has been in our prayers for housing and peace while you prepare to leave. You are truly blessed to have the support of family. God speed for your journey.